2018 Registrations for all Players, Coaches and Volunteers

Dear parents of registered junior players

It is a requirement of the Football Federation of SA that all players, coaches and volunteers are registered EACH SEASON via the myfootballclub website.

As we get ready to commence pre-season training all parents must now register their player for the 2018 season.   Coaches and volunteers including Assistant Coaches and Team Managers must also complete this process.

Please ensure this is done by 14th February to ensure that
a) your child can play – no registration, no games!
b) they are insured in case of injury during training and games.

Everyone must now commence their registrations by going to www.myfootballclub.com.au.  A step by step “self registration guide” is attached HERE.

Please read these instructions carefully.  If your child does not have an FFA number ie. they have never played club football before, you must firstly apply for an FFA number.
If you have an FFA number, you must use this to register.  If you have a number, but you do not know it, you can retrieve it via the website.

Please note: NO PAYMENT IS REQUIRED DURING THE REGISTRATION PROCESS.  All payments are taken at the club and most parents have done this.  If you have an outstanding balance, you will shortly be notified for payment (excluding those on an agreed payment plan).

If you have any queries please contact Amin Ayoubi, who will be looking after the process and will be responsible for accepting the registrations.  He can be contacted via email at wtbirkallasoccerclub@gmail.com.