In Round 6 of the PlayStation 4 National Premier League SA, Birkalla Under 18s and Reserves took all 3 points over Adelaide Comets at SA Athletics Stadium.

The Seniors however, were unable to capitalise and Comets ended the round with all 3 points.

Despite the result, Seniors Coach Steve De Giovanniello told that he continues to see positives from his side.

“I thought we were a bit unlucky. I thought we played well, we created a lot of chances but, once again, we didn’t take our chances and they took theirs.

“Besides a 20 minute period after the second half where they were on top, I think the rest of the game we performed well. We just couldn’t get the ball in the back of the net and that is hurting us this year; we are not scoring enough goals.”

With 6 games under the belt plus an additional game with the first Cup round, De Giovanniello admits there is a lot more to come from the team.

“I think there is a lot more to give. We aren’t happy with where we are on the table.

“Like I said, I don’t think our performances have been overly average, we just haven’t clicked yet. I knew it would take time for the team to gel with the new players, but I was hoping it would have happened sooner than it has.

“I think it is only a matter of time though until we get that break out game, score a few goals and that will kick-start our season.”

Looking ahead at Saturday’s upcoming Round 7 match against Adelaide City, who currently sit in 2nd place on the League ladder, it is another tough game for Birkalla who are placed 8th.

“I spoke to the team about leadership,” said De Giovanniello.

“If you can get 5 or 10% of a lift from each player, showing their own leadership, whether that is through their voice or performance, everyone chipping in rather than relying on one or two players that’s the way we can achieve our goal.

“We are really missing our Captain Julian’s voice and leadership as well as Ian who is also a good leader. We don’t have them right now and don’t have any natural, big leaders or talkers so it needs to be a collective lift. It has got to come from everyone, chip in a little bit and collectively we can improve things.

“I am not worried. I am disappointed to be in the position we are in, it would be nice for more points but I am confident if we keep going more points will come.”

Photo by Adam Butler