There are currently a small number of vacancies in the following Junior teams (Boys):

U14, U15, U16, U17 squads (2005 – 2002 born) age groups

If you are interesting in playing for our club, please contact Mark Tinnion, Junior Technical Director on (0405 127 423) or Aida Ashworth, Club Secretary at (0481 852 725)

There are currently a small number of vacancies in the following Junior teams (Girls):

All our girls teams are now full.

If you missed out for the 2019 Season, please come back to this site in August when we will have information about registering for the 2020 Season.

2019 Coaches

Miniroos Development (U5)

Coach: TBA

Under 6

Coach: Jarrod Rowett

Coach: David Beukman

Coach: Garry Hong, Steven Locke

Team Manager:  

Team Manager:

Team Manager

Under 7

Coach: Anthony Hale

Coach: Matt Harrison

Coach: Giuseppe Oliva

Team Manager: Jess Sward

Team Manager: 

Team Manager:

Under 8

Coach: Mauro Grossi

Coach: Tony Cirillo

Coach: Armando Maieli

Team Manager: Jarrod Rowett

Team Manager: 

Team Manager: 

Under 9 (Boys)

Coach: Chris Bell

Coach: James Anthony

Coach: Aaron Bell

Team Manager: Marnie Bell

Team Manager: 

Team Manager: Amelia Bell

Under 9 (Girls)

Coach: Manny Primaro


Team Manager: Laura-Lee Cagialis

Team Manager:

Under 10 

Coach: Scott Marshall

Coach: Dennis Cosma

Coach: David Chisholm/Tristan Reynolds

Team Manager: Kerryl Marshall

Under 11 (Boys)

Coach: Rob Becker

Team Manager:  Toula Kari

Under 11 (Girls)

Coach: David Sampson

Team Manager: 

Under 12 JPL

Coach: Joe Guastella / Dino Mennillo

Assistant Coach: Steve Scardigno

Team Manager: Toni Fitzgerald

Under 12 JSL

Coach: Chris Gunkel

Assistant Coach: 

Team Manager: Toby Wynn

Under 12 JSL (U11 Development Squad)

Coach: Bill Cagialis

Assistant Coach: Mike Murphy

Team Manager: 

Under 13 JPL

Coach: Mike Murphy

Assistant Coach: Stuart Conway

Team Manager: Thuy Luu-Nguyen

Under 13 JSL

Coach: Scott Parmenter

Assistant Coach: David West

Team Manager: Steve Thomas

Under 14 JPL

Coach: Jeff Ashworth

Assistant Coach: David Woolley

Team Manager: Di Lamont

Under 14 JSL

Coach: Sladjan Bilic

Assistant Coach: Harry Martin

Team Manager: Suzie Jacobson

Under 15 JPL

Coach: Marko Juric

Assistant Coach: 

Team Manager: John Mylidonis

Under 15 JSL

Coach: Paul Uzzell

Assistant Coach: Adrian Tero

Team Manager: Karolyn Uzzell

Under 16 JPL

Coach: Will Plush

Team Manager: Veronika White

Under 17 JPL

Coach: Andrew McInerney

Assistant Coach: TBA

Team Manager: