“Welcome to Birks”

“We’re bridging the gaps between FFA, NPL, community, development, participation and enjoyment.”

Hello and welcome to your new club West Torrens Birkalla for season 2015. I want to ensure you that you have made an excellent decision in choosing us as your team, which I’m sure the existing families will vouch for.

We are a National Premier League Club (NPL) that has made a huge impact on football throughout Australia and especially SA. Our club has experienced both positive and negatives throughout our junior development, with some players not getting opportunities and competition still not being quite where it needs to be. However, for those making regular game time, the focus on their performance is very positive.

Our Structure is set up to deliver on par development to sub-junior, junior and youth players in the NPL, however, we manage our development differently. We ensure players are confident and participating continually, hence the opportunities we provide throughout the season to advance to a higher grade or age group in training and game time during our entire program. Additionally, where a player may need some additional support to strengthen a specific technical, tactical or physical area of their game, our structure allows adjustment to ensure development, enjoyment and confidence goes in the right direction.

What does that mean for a player?  If an U9 has been allocated to the A grade team (graded for game competition) but is missing game time and isn’t confident in their abilities, we can provide specific coaching and game time in the less pressured environment of a B grade team.  This is not detrimental to the player and factually lifts confidence on and off the field for the player. Similarly a player showing extraordinary signs of achievement could be advanced to train with an older age group and even be involved in game time, should the confidence and abilities be great enough. All decisions on a player’s abilities and support to their progression will be made exclusively by their coach, the Head of the age group and the Director of Football.

Opportunity is now open for all players on the verge of seniors with the new young reserves for boys. We currently have four players at the age of 15 playing in our senior grade. For the boys aged 15 to 20, there are opportunities to play at NPL level. The young boys will be provided with fully accredited and focused development into the senior mens. Support is provided by the Senior 1st Team Coach, Steve Degiovaniello, and the Heads of Youth Development, which is made up of pro licensed coaches. This means the opportunities are much greater than in NPL and costs significantly lower.

Community and enjoyment is running through the very veins of West Torrens Birkalla Soccer Club. We are renowned as one of the most professional community clubs in the state and by far the closest football family around. This is being enhanced with more events and greater communications thanks to our new phone app and websites. We also have the weekly newsletter, which shares the ups and downs of the wider club. And don’t forget the club has become a hang out and meeting place on most Friday nights.

On or off the field Birks promises development of every player, enjoyment for every family member and success both personal and club wide in a very exciting 2015.

Amin Ayoubi